Cà dei Frati Lugana – a wine match for Rendezvous in Venice by Philippe Beaussant

Last month I reviewed Rendezvous in Venice by Philippe Beaussant, a beautiful novel of love, art and Venice. (You can read my review by clicking on the link.) I don’t need much of an excuse to open a bottle of Italian wine, so I rummaged through the bottles at home in search of a suitable match. This Cà dei Frati Lugana caught my eye. It comes from a family-run estate on the south banks of Lake Garda near the northern Italian town of Sirmione – the vineyards are situated about 150 km from Venice, so that’s near enough for me.


Lugana is a white wine is made from a grape variety known locally as Turbiana (previously thought to be Trebbiano di Soave). The Cà dei Frati is a personal favourite, the best example of a Lugana I’ve tasted. It’s fresh, rounded and very moreish – think baked apples, a squeeze of lemon and a whiff of thyme. Perfect for a warm summer’s evening and a vicarious trip to Venice/the Italian Lakes.


Wine stockist: I bought my bottle of Cà dei Frati Lugana, 2013 from The Wine Society, priced at £12.50 per bottle. (No longer available, but the 2014 vintage is in stock.) It’s relatively widely available elsewhere – you can check stockists via wine-searcher.

Rendezvous in Venice (tr. by Paul Buck and Catherine Petit) is published in the UK by Pushkin Press.

10 thoughts on “Cà dei Frati Lugana – a wine match for Rendezvous in Venice by Philippe Beaussant

  1. MarinaSofia

    Nice to hear about a white Italian wine that isn’t pinot grigio for a change…
    I’m currently reading a BD book ‘Les ignorants’ about a graphic artist teaching a winemaker about his work and the winemaker teaching him about vineyards in exchange. Mutually enlightening!

    1. JacquiWine Post author

      Ah, the ubiquitous pinot grigio…there are so many more interesting Italian whites around and about! Falanghina, Fiano, Greco…I could go on. That’s another post right there.

      Oh, I like the sound of your BD graphic novel (Bandes Dessinées?). Is it another by Max Cabanes? I am STILL lusting after a copy of his graphic version of Fatale

        1. JacquiWine Post author

          Oh my goodness – that’s incredibly kind of you. Thank you, Marina! I hope I can send you something in return.

          Cheers for the link to wine-related book – I’ll check it out. :)

    1. JacquiWine Post author

      Thanks, Brian. It’s just a bit of fun, but this novel offered me a good hook (excuse!) to write about an Italian white. Lugana is well worth trying. It’s fresh, interesting and versatile, a good match for salmon or something with shellfish.


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