A few favourite novellas for #NovellaNov


This month, the lovely Poppy (of poppy peacock pens) is hosting an initiative to celebrate the novella. It’s called #NovellaNov – Reading Novellas in November, and you can read all about it in the introductory post here. As part of this event, Poppy kindly asked me to put together a guest post on a few of my favourites, so if you’d like to take a look at my choices, just click here for the link.

6 thoughts on “A few favourite novellas for #NovellaNov

  1. Naomi

    Just read this on Poppy’s blog, and I now have 4 more novellas on my to-read list. I love hearing about the ones I have never heard of before! (Where There’s Love and Madame de…)

  2. Scott W

    Great selection, and a great reminder that I need to get to Fitzgerald. I like the novella form too – something with more bite than the usual one-note-samba of the short story. My favorite of the ones I’ve read recently is almost certainly Tristana.

    1. JacquiWine Post author

      Thank you. The Bookshop is great and very well-observed – it’s definitely worth considering. Oh, Tristana! How could I have forgotten that one? I loved it. One for my end-of-year highlights, for sure – it deserves to be read more widely!

  3. litlove

    Very interesting selection! I’m most tempted by ‘Where There’s Love…’ though I really am not supposed to be buying more books! I’m completely with you on The Bookshop, which is the one I had also read. Penelope Fitzgerald is such a wonderful writer. My favourite novella (though I don’t think he likes the term) is Everything Passes by Gabriel Josipovici – just in case you were curious! :)

    1. JacquiWine Post author

      Haha. I’m not supposed to buying any more books either…even so, a few new ones have managed to make their way into the house over the last few months! It’s worth making an exception for ‘Where There’s Love…’ as it’s a delight from start to finish – just the thing for an evening in front of the fire.

      Thanks for recommending the Josipovici. I’ve never read him so I’ll have to remedy that at some point!


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