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Hi, I’m Jacqui, and this blog — JacquiWine’s Journal — is a space for me to share my thoughts and reviews of some of the books I’ve been reading. It’s mostly books here, but I also post the occasional piece about wine, especially if there’s a link to a literary theme.

I tend to read literary fiction, mainly 20th-century and modern classics, with a sprinkling of more contemporary literature too. Most of my reading consists of novels, novellas and short stories, with the occasional non-fiction title too. I’m also interested in literature in translation, especially books from Europe, Latin American and Japan. Vintage crime fiction is another big area of interest for me: typically noir, hard-boiled fiction and Golden Age mysteries from the UK, the rest of Europe, the US and Latin America.

My favourite writers are Elizabeth Taylor, Penelope Fitzgerald, Barbara Pym, Richard Yates, Edith Wharton and Raymond Chandler. Recent discoveries include William Trevor, Barbara Comyns, Patrick Hamilton and (on the hard-boiled front) Ross Macdonald. These are some of the writers I’d like to explore in more depth in the future.

While my background is in marketing and customer research, I’m currently the manager of an independent bookshop in the South East of England. It’s a great job, particularly as the bookshop is such an important part of the local community – our customers are lovely. Plus, I get to be around books all day, which is another bonus.

In my spare time, I love films, particularly independent/world cinema and vintage film noir – when I’m not reading, you’ll generally find me in the cinema. I also have an interest in wine, partly professional, partly for pleasure. (I’ve worked for the Wine Society on a freelance basis for a number of years. Most of my wine comes from there, so the wine notes will link to some of their bottles – my own views, of course!)

If you can spare the time, please do leave a comment or two on any posts of interest to you.

If you’d like to contact me, I’m on twitter @JacquiWine or you can email me at jacqui100@live.co.uk. On GoodReads, you’ll find me under ‘JacquiWine’.

If you’re a publisher with a book that might be of interest to me, please feel free to get in touch by email. I do accept physical review copies if they are in line with my interests, provided I have the time to read them. Unfortunately, I am unable to accept electronic/PDF copies for review or books directly from authors.

Thanks for dropping by,


32 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lisa Hill

    Hello Jacqui and welcome to blogging:)
    I must say that I am very impressed with how you’ve begun, my early posts look very amateur by comparison – yours look as if you’ve been blogging since birth!
    That’s a very tantalising bookshelf in your header, I love seeing other readers’ books….
    I am really looking forward to adding your reviews to my inbox from now onwards.

  2. jacquiwine Post author

    Thanks, Lisa! I’m very grateful for your encouragement and support – it’s helped me to make the leap into blogging. Looking forward to continuing the conversation with you and exchanging thoughts on books.

    Yes, I love looking at other readers’ shelves, too. It’s so fascinating to glimpse their choices!

  3. MarinaSofia

    You finally got a blog of your own – delighted to see that and will of course be following you. Books and wine? Is there a more heavenly combination?

  4. jacquiwine Post author

    Thank you, Marina! Participating in Stu’s IFFP-shadowing project gave me a bit of a taste for blogging. Thanks for following, too, and I’m looking forward to exchanging thoughts via our blogs.

    And yes, there will be wine…in fact, I’m planning a wine-match piece inspired by ‘The Mussel Feast’. It should be up next weekend :)

    1. jacquiwine Post author

      Gosh, thank you, Cathy! That’s very kind of you – I feel honoured! I’m just about to dash out (as I’ve got a horribly busy week ahead), but I’ll check it out properly as soon as I can.
      I love the concept of your blog, and you review such an interesting range of books. Thanks again for thinking of me.

  5. MarinaSofia

    Ooopsie, I see that I’m not the only one – should have checked first – have nominated you for Very Inspiring Blog award too! Such a lot of impact in such a short time!

    1. jacquiwine Post author

      Congratulations on your very well-deserved award, Marina!
      Wow, thank you so much for nominating me – that’s very kind of you, especially as I hold your blog in such high regard. I’m thrilled!
      Here’s to many more conversations about books :)

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  7. bwhite21

    Interesting blend of lit in translation and wine. Some cheese and bread would go well. As what you read and your blog roll will expand what I will read and review I will follow. My TBR is becoming insurmountable.

    1. JacquiWine Post author

      Thanks for following, hope you enjoy. I don’t read very much poetry, I’m afraid. Most of my reading is fiction: novels and short stories.

    1. JacquiWine Post author

      Aren’t they just! I really need to try to write a few more pieces about wine as I’ve rather slipped out of the habit of late. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the swing of it fairly soon. :)

  8. Jolene

    Hi Jacqui!
    You have a amazing blog and I am infinitely glad to have stumbled upon it! I wish to be back soon to explore further, but the more important thing is, you have given me the jolt of motivation to lose myself in literature! Like you, I prefer to read a mix of English and foreign literature, with my foreign favourites being Tolstoy and Dumas… You’ve offered so many more names above and I can’t wait to delve further!
    Hope to share the WP journey with you. 😊

    1. JacquiWine Post author

      Hi Jolene. Many thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. It’s always nice to *meet* new readers who are interested in different kinds of literature, especially classics and translated fiction. Tolstoy is one of the greats, for sure. I look forward to chatting to you again in the future. :)

  9. Gwen

    Hey Jacqui, I love your website. And I’ve got an odd recommendation for you, a book I’d love you to review. It’s a science fiction novel called “Aurora” by Kim Stanley Robinson. It’s about a daughter and mother trying to keep a village on a large ship alive – essentially a metaphor for climate change and ecological sustainability – as it disintegrates around them. I think you will like it, based on your fondness for Barbara Pym; it has Pym’s anthropological, slightly forensic approach. Take care, and best wishes!!!!!! Love your reviews, they’ve inspired so many of my reading choices!

  10. Inkposts

    Excellent blog Jacqui. We’ve visited it for years but realised we never followed. We are now We’ve tried to ping an email over, but it’s bounced. Do your details need updating?

    1. JacquiWine Post author

      Many thanks for your comments, very kind of you. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the blog.

      Sorry you’ve had some trouble with the email. The address is correct, so it might be worth trying again?


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